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UK’S Best Collection Of Custom Caps is the dream destination for those people who love to wear caps, hats, or beanies. Our inventory contains products from almost every top headwear brand, as we want to offer our clients the best products at the most reasonable pricing.

Mission Statement

Our mission has been clear since our inception. We wanted to be the biggest headwear manufacturer in UK and the first choice of every vendor, cap shop owner, business owner, and fashion enthusiast. With unwavering passion, intense dedication, and constant efforts in the last decade, our brand has established its place in the market.

Vision Statement

The idea behind this cap store was to build an online platform where people can order headwear of all kinds. There were so many cap makers, but our goal was to be different. Therefore, we started adding obsessive attention to detail in production. The results were fantastic, and now we are the go-to cap supplier of thousands of clients in UK and beyond.

Bespoke Designs

We have loads of pre-designed exciting hats in our inventory. However, our customers get the freedom to challenge our artists and craftsmen with any design or logo of their liking. It can be the crest of your favourite sports team or the emblem of your business. We will get it embroidered or imprinted on any hat of your choice.

We Craft Personalised Caps That You Would Love To Wear Now And Always

Our custom hats are full of character, elegance, and colour, which can easily uplift your personality. If you own a retail or fashion brand, a partnership with us can do wonders for your business.

Top Reasons To Hire Our Expert

Cap Makers In UK outshines every other cap shop in England. We are miles ahead of our competitors in every aspect, whether it’s quality, or affordability.

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Reasonable Pricing

Making big bucks has never been our concern, as we only believe in quality and serving our customers well. This is the reason behind our affordable prices.

reasonable pricing
Diverse Collection

Our inventory has the potential to surprise you with unreal diversity. You can order baseball, snapback, trucker, military, fitted, and beanie caps from our site.

diverse collection

From skilled digital artists to experienced craftsmen, every single member of our team strives to produce immaculate hats with zero defects or imperfections.

The Big Brains Behind Capscompany.CO.UK

We have gathered a team of professionals who love making caps and are extremely passionate about their work. It is the hard work of these genius minds that has placed our firm right at the top of our industry.

eric rogers
Eric Rogers


brittany aniston
Brittany Aniston

President & CEO

jamie overton
Jamie Overton

Head Of Marketing

charles dixon
Charles Dixon

Senior Designer

anthony wilfred
Anthony Wilfred

Head Of Production

donna gilbert
Donna Gilbert

Director Of Operations

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Advanced Tools & Machinery

Every single cap that we produce is a masterpiece. Our state-of-the-art machinery and top-of-the-line equipment ensure headwear with a branded feel.

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Lightning-Quick Production

We have a decade-long experience in this industry and can produce any type of cap, even with the most intricate design, in the flashiest of flashes.

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No Extra Restrictions

You can stay assured that there are no hidden charges waiting for you at the end of the project. Also, we offer customised caps with no minimum order limit.