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Fitted Hats | A Fashion Fairytale Or A Nightmare?

The street styles are often set during fashion week – which are obsessively documented every season by countless professional photographers. However, there is a way more humble accessory that is proving to be an ever-lasting crowd favourite – fitted hats!

Such places are the best spots to determine what is hot and trending in fashion. High-heeled showgoers often step out to grab the collections in of-the-moment items. 

This year, during the fall 2024 fashion week, we have already spotted a lot of VIPs sporting some drool-worthy outerwear. From puffer coats to khaki trenches there are a lot of things that one can opt for.

Sometimes these accessories are known as a dad hat. Whether embellished with a Dodgers or Yankees logo – these hats are one of the season’s most cherished items of clothing. 

And it does not take a fashion degree to figure out why. 

This fashion staple adds an effortlessness to just about any look. This season we have spotted it styled with each and everything. You name it – from a varsity jacket and jeans (sporty!) to a collared shirt, overcoat, and tie (dressy).

Whether dressed down or up, fitted hats can surely give any outfit an instant cool factor. Let us find out more about this fashion trend. 

The Top Hat Trends For 2024

Fitted hats are certainly not a new accessory in the rotation of street style. Almost every season, this headwear makes its well-deserved rounds on the heads of fashion mongers. Their persisting presence is a real testament to how timeless and versatile they really are. Designers are hopping on this trend too. This is why, this fall season, we spotted many different hat styles which made numerous cameos on the ramps. Below we have discussed some of the fashion trends of hats, read on and see whether your favourite style has made it to the list or not:

No. 1 – Promotional Baseball Caps

The first official baseball caps were none other than straw hats. They were used to keep the sun out of the eyes of players (resembling much like modern baseball caps). Somewhere in the late 1800s, teams started flaunting a “lid” that was the same as the baseball hats that we are familiar with today. 

Baseball caps have a rounded crown and a front peak. They mostly have emblems of sports teams and brand graphics, and they feature an adjustable back for a more snuggly fit. The two elemental categories of these headgear are:

  1. Vintage (like structured caps)
  2. Contemporary (like trucker hats, dad hats, and snapback caps)

No. 2 – Promo Trucker Hats

Next up, we have trucker hats. They are considered a prominent symbol of the infamous American culture. The first trucker hat debuted in the 60s. And you guessed it, correctly! They were launched as a promotional item for a trucking firm. The logo of the company was placed at the centre and front on each of the caps. 

Apart from its wide bill, these fitted caps are also famous for their mesh backs that ensure maximum ventilation. They also have a signature snapback closure. You would not believe but farmers were one of the first groups to sport trucker hats to keep the sun out of their eyes while driving their tractors in the fields. 

Utility crews, construction workers, and many others who worked outdoors noticed the perks of this headgear and didn’t think twice before jumping on the bandwagon. The market for trucker hats grew dramatically. They became popular with celebrities and even got featured in some of the hit movies. It was not long before these trucker hats became an absolutely Hollywood fashion statement. 

No. 3 – Personalized Beanies

More than a hundred years ago, beanies were adorned by workers in factories to keep the grime and dirt out of their hair on the production line. Their jaw-dropping style did not interfere with any equipment or create safety concerns. Due to the reason that beanies are often made up of knitted items or other warm fabrics, they are ideal for keeping the ears and heads warm while working outside. Transportation workers and offshore fishermen often appreciate the warmth a well-crafted beanie offers them. Personalised beanies in the last few decades have become a fashion staple. They are often adorned casually with jeans and tees. These head warmers can even be flaunted in the hot summer months. 

No. 4 – Bulk Bucket Hats And Boonies

The terms “boonies” and “buckets” might not produce images of headgear. However, they ideally are and these hat styles are showing up everywhere. These custom bucket hats and boonies have been around for at least a century but their past is a bit fuzzy. Military personnel flaunted similar hats in the 1930s. Their purpose, like every other hat, was to keep their faces and eyes protected from the sun. A lot of styles of boonies referred to as operator caps by soldiers, became official military gear somewhere in the late 60s. Even today, these remain standard headgear.

The wide brim of these hats gives them a floppy look that gives maximum protection from the sun. That is a big plus for trail hikers, anglers, and basically anyone who spends most of their time outside. The strap on the chin is common in boonie (also spelt as Booney) – as it helps to keep it from flying away while navigating windy days. This is why, these hats are often adorned by beach lovers, professional landscapers, concertgoers, and much more. They are thought to be essential apparel to pack for sunny vacations all over the world. 

Summing It All Up!

Custom-fitted hats have become so popular go-to accessory for everyone, be it men, children, and women in today’s age. And we cannot think of any reason why they should not be popular. They offer protection from the sun and cold, they are affordable and are an ideal cover-up during bad hair days. These hats are also perfect to promote a business, quote, team, or anything that you wish. Visors, golf hats, embroidered hats, and other types of headgear serve no less than billboards for your organisations. It is natural for people to observe someone’s head and face first. That direct glance gives your logo great exposure. This exposure helps to build brand recognition for your company. Hats having logos over them serve as a perfect marketing tool for any brand or business.