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Beanie Hat Guide: What Is The Best Fabric, Colour, & Style?

Keeping humans warm was the primary purpose of headwear since the very beginning. Though their goal was to protect wearers from extreme external elements, they’re used today as more of a fashion accessory. Headgear comes in several kinds, but out of all of them, a beanie hat is the most versatile and edgy type. It originated in the 12th century and has gone through many evolutionary stages till now. It is available in different fabrics, colours, designs, and other customizable options. 

Dive deeper into this post if you want to know the ins and outs of this extraordinary headgear. We’ll walk you through everything you should know about it, from how to choose the right one to its styling. 

What Is The Most Suitable Fabric For A Beanie Hat?

Individuals from different walks of life and distinct demographics wear a beanie. The ones who wear in the cold areas adorn the one made out of wool, while the dwellers of moderate temperatures prefer cotton fabric. Generally, this accessory is available in a vast range of materials. You should choose its fabric according to the location and occasion of where you intend to style it. Select a lightweight material for spring, summer, and autumn weather. 

Thin fabrics don’t hold any heat inside. Therefore, they’re the best choice for mild to hot climates. On the other hand, merino wool is an ideal option when the temperature drops, as it is water-resistant, warm, and cosy. Wearing a headwear of woollen clothing would keep your ear and head covered from icy winds and wintery drizzle. Nonetheless, here are the top five appropriate fabric choices: 


Wool is naturally water-resistant and can wick even a bit of moisture. It has high insulating properties, keeping the wearer warm and feeling soft and itch-free. It is also a breathable, durable, and highly functional choice. 

Acrylic And Synthetic 

Made from synthetic fibres, acrylic and the synthetic fabric are resilient against wrinkles and abrasion. It is lightweight and quick-drying in nature. As acrylic is a warm, budget-friendly, easy-to-care material, it is a practical choice for beanie hat mens style. Even acrylic-made bonnets appear chic on girls. Another feature of this material is its exceptional ability to hold the dyes, making the headwear look vibrant. 


Cotton is another lightweight, highly breathable, and durable material, perfect for milder weather conditions. As it wicks moisture, the wearer is more relaxed and comfortable even in the scorching sun. It also doesn’t retain any odour and requires fewer runs of laundry. Cotton is also itch-free and best for individuals with sensitive or allergic skin. Unlike the woollen option, the headwear made from this material is less likely to become saggy or stretch out after being worn multiple times. 

Blended Fabrics

While looking at bonnets manufactured from different materials, you will come across the ones produced with blended fabrics. Many manufacturers combine wool and acrylic to create another cloth that balances warmth and comfort perfectly. Its price is also light on the buyer’s pocket. 


You will mostly find cashmere in the lavishly branded headwear with the most luxurious appeal. This fabric looks extravagant and feels warm, lightweight, and comfortable. You should go for it if you want to splurge on yourself and upgrade your accessories with some luxurious vibes. 

Things To Consider For A Beanie Hat Colour And Design

As you may have chosen the appropriate fabric, here are some insights about the best colour and design for a beanie: 

Neutral Tones: Neutral tones, such as black, grey, brown, and navy, are a versatile choice for hats. It allows you to mix and match almost any staple within your wardrobe. So, you should consider them for a stylish, multipurpose, and economical accessory. 

Bold & Solid Colours: Bold and solid-coloured hats appeal to the eyes of the whitish snow in the winter. Wearing them would help you make a low-effort statement and bring a lively life to your neutral attires. So, choose your favourite solid shade or one you have never worn for a styling experiment. Whether you dress them down or up, a bold-coloured hat will offer you a classic and chic look. 

Interesting Patterns: Including patterns, such as stripes, cable knit, or Fair Isle, would make your hat appear visually appealing. Pick the pattern for your custom cap that complements your style and adds versatility to your closet. 

Embroidery Designs And Branding: You can incorporate any decent or intricate embroidery into your headwear if you don’t want to integrate any patterns. Or you can create a modish blend of both to make your hat appear out of this world. You can include any text, like a quote, brand logo, or a punch line. 

5 Most Popular Beanies That You Must Style In 2024

Though you will find beanies of several kinds, we’ve mentioned the trendiest ones for 2024 below. You can shop them physically or customize them according to your size and style from an online custom hat manufacturer. Either way, update your wardrobe with two or three versatile ones that let you look stylish all year. 

  • Classic Cuffed Beanie: You may already know about them and perhaps have at least one. This type is endlessly timeless and never goes out of fashion. So you should have it in your desired colour and design this year. You can wisely choose its different elements to make it work well with both casual and formal wear. You can pull down its cuffed edges for extra warmth while wandering out in the chilly weather.
  • Slouchy Beanie: It has a loose, longer body with a relaxed fit that creates a sag or slouch at the back. You can wear it to achieve a laid-back, trendy look. You’ll look the cutest if you cover your hair entirely at the front or pull the headwear back to expose your bangs.
  • Pom-Pom Beanie: Also known as bobble hats, they were initially designed for French sailors to save their heads from getting bumped as they passed under the beams. Today, it is a charming accessory that can make anyone look adorable. This decorative feature seems quite pretty, whether it is a single or double pom at the hat’s crown. Wearing this whimsy and enchanting headgear would make your winter outfits complete.
  • Fisherman Beanie: Fishermen initially wore to seek protection against harsh, cold weather while in the sea. In today’s social-media-driven age, they’ve become a sensation on Instagram and Pinterest due to their edgy style. Its prominent feature is a snug fit and a rolled brim, suitable for mild temperatures. It doesn’t cover the ears, making them an inappropriate accessory for frozen landscapes.
  • Earflaps Beanie: It has become the fashion darling of fashionistas ever since they noticed early aviators donning to cover their ears. Its earflaps offer additional warmth and protection against freezing breezes. Also referred to as a trapper and bunny hat, it comes with ties or buttons that allow the wearer to clip or tie flaps under their chin. It is available in diverse designs, allowing wearers to create rugged and cute styles. 

The End

A beanie is the perfect headwear to stay ahead of the fashion curve while protecting your head in 2024. You can use it to express your fashion choices, personal beliefs, and whom you support without compromising your comfort. As you have analyzed all its diverse styles, fabrics, colours, and design options, you’re all set to customize your hat. Whatever you choose, your personalized headwear will let you embrace the chill of the season with style and confidence.