make reversible bucket hat at home

How To Make a Reversible Bucket Hat At Home?

You all must be enjoying the best season of the year with your reversible bucket hat, aren’t you? 

Alas! We are talking about summers. The birds are chirping, the sun is all set to shine bright, and the sun’s heat is making us melt. So, it is the ideal time to sit by the pool and have a sip of your favorite juice, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen to protect yourself from UV rays. 

With all this, we all desire to stay stylish and cool right? Relax, with a reversible bucket hat you can rock among all. This hat is also known as a summer hat. In this blog, you will read an essential guide on how to sew a bucket hat so what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into this fun-filled practical. 

How Long Does It Takes To Sew A Bucket Hat? 

Well, this procedure depends on your sewing skills and experience it might take 2-3 hours to get ready. Additionally, beginners can also try to make their reversible bucket hat.

As the process involves basic stitching techniques. All you need is patience and practice to successfully sew a bucket hat. 

Which Fabric Is Best For a Bucket Hat?

When it comes to picking the best fabric for your bucket hat, there are some elements that you should consider. If you are making this hat for the summer, opt for lightweight cotton fabrics. These fabrics are ideal as they provide comfort and breathability during the hot months of the year. But if you desire to have a more structured and durable hat then twill or denim fabrics are great options. Lastly, pick fabrics that are easy to wash and do not lose their originality. 

Steps To Make A Bucket Hat

  1. Cut Out the Pattern

The first step you need to do to make your custom bucket hat is to iron your fabric smoothly. After that on top of the fabric pin the bucket hat. When you are placing the brim pieces and crown make sure that the edges of the pattern and fold line fabric are placed along the sides. When the extra fabric is cut you can now open the fold and have an accurate-sized crown that is twice the length of your original piece of pattern. 

  1. Stitch the brim of the bucket hat

Now, start sewing the brim pieces at the short end using a ¼ seam allowance. Repeat the process for both the lining and outer pieces. Place the stitches in a way they both face each other. 

  1. Finish The Join 

Iron your join smoothly. After pressing these joins place two stitches on the top visible from the outside. This stitch is for decorating purposes. So, you can use a good thread that is appealing or matches your fabric color to give a more exquisite look to your hat. 

  1. Attach the Top

Now, this step is a bit problematic. We are working on a round-shaped hat. It is time to attach the crown piece and top piece. All you have to do is forcefully pull the fabric and place as many pins as you can to make it secure completely. 

Follow this pattern while placing pins on your hat. Firstly you have to pin the four notches. Similar to personalised trucker caps notches provide the most comfortable fit to reversible hats as well. After placing pins on notches you have to distribute the remaining pins around the circle. Now, stitch these pieces together and iron them to make them seem flat. 

  1. Topstitch the Edge

Again it’s time to decorate your hat a bit more. You have to sew a line on the top of your hat starting from the edge. You can utilize any thread for this purpose to make it look eye-catching. This sews will also strengthen your hat. 

  1. Create the Brim

Similar to how we made a crown now we will be making a brim. Firstly, start placing pins on the right side of your brim parts and start stitching them together with seam allowance. To give it a smooth look start ironing it. Lastly, decorate your brim with stitches. 

  1. Place the Brim

Attach the brim on the crown. Follow step 4, to make sure the fabric is secured place pins around the edges and start stitching in place. After you are done with stitching iron the brim and seam flat. Finally, you have one side of the hat. But we need two sides of the hat for that purpose you have to repeat steps 1-7 so you will get two hats. 

  1. Sew the Two Sides Together

Once you completely have your two hats now it’s time to stitch them. Before stitching, you need to place pins to make it secure tightly. This time stitches will be made in opposite directions not facing each other. You can add more structure to your hat by sewing rings around the edges of your brim. 

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can you turn over a bucket hat?

These hats have a perfectly defined shape. The hat has a wide brim and a flat top. They are usually made of flexible fabric. So, you can easily turn over your bucket hat for a clear view. 

  • What materials are utilized in bucket hats?

If you desire to make your bucket hat shine out to others then choose the fabrics that are worth choosing. Wool, canvas, and denim can be the ideal choices for creating an unforgettable fashion statement. Denim offers a rugged charm that is perfect for those who crave a classic look. 

  • Are bucket hats still trending in 2024?

Of course, reversible bucket hats are a top trend in 2024. Over the years we have seen many famous fashion brands and designers include these hats in their collections. These hats have evolved in terms of designs and sizes with time. 

It’s A Wrap 

So, this is a complete guide on how to craft your reversible bucket hat. We hope you like the procedure and are ready to make your own. By following these steps properly you will surely obtain a classic hat and whenever you choose to wear it people will turn their heads to have a glance at you.